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Electronic News-Gathering

In rapid changing times; traditional media (radio, television and printed media) struggle to stay relevant, while the competition with online platforms grows.

For broadcasting networks the opporunity lies in a multi- disciplined 'editorial office' with editors delivering content fit for all the networks outlets at once. Gathered texts, recorded soundbites, taken images and filmed video for a single subject can be delivered as content for radio, television, printed media, the networks webpage and on their channels on social media. One skilled editor in; researching, writing, electronic news gathering and editing, can dilever the produced content to all media outlets in one action. For examle: Once a text is written about a subject, it can serve as: 1: An article on the webpage. 2: In a printed magazine. 3: Read out by the presenter on radio and- / or television.

As an experiment I volunteered to develop a smart multimedia format for the cultural programs on my local public broadcasting station. The main challenge was to design a strong concept connecting the networks existing separate 'editorial offices' for radio-, television- and internet into one single all round multi- media editorial office. Our new developed magazine format' will be rolled out over the network in 2015 and fully implemented in 2016.

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