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Big Data visualizations for the Militairy, University and Medical centre.

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Visualization calls to mind the old saying: “a picture is worth a thousand words.” That's because an image can often convey "what's going on", more quickly and often more effectively than words. Big data visualization techniques exploit this fact: they are all about turning data into pictures by presenting data in pictorial or graphical format This makes it easy for decision-makers to take in vast amounts of data at a glance. And to "see" what is going on what it is that the data has to say.

A defining feature of Big Data visualization is scale. Big data volumes from organizations like the Dutch militairy, both the University- (RUG) and the Academic Medical centre in Groningen (UMCG) collect and store vast amounts of data in projects like Lifelines, Lofar and OmegaCEN. These data- collections would take years for a human to read, let alone understand.

In 2014 Target Holding asked for creative imput in the development of visualizations to present these projects in INFOVERSUM. A new full- dome theatre in Groningen.

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