• Joachim

Plaatjesmaker (imagery- maker)

We can share our personal visions and inner experiences by communicating with eachother. Image and sound come- in far more directly than words, and therefore have a greater impact on the subconscious mind. By making compositions of shapes, colors, images and sounds, we can translate (sometimes complex) stories into simple concepts, that are easier to understand, and to communicate with, at a deeper level than language.

Compostions form concepts. Concepts form brands. These compositions of shapes, colors, images and sounds, form concepts. And with a concept you can create a 'brand'. A strong brand gives a recognizable identity to a group or organization. The art of a strong design is to generate the right assosiation within your target audience.

Strategic Storytelling is delivering the right message in the right place at the right time. That's how you get your story across in a smart and effective way

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